My kryptonite


I stood on the corner of the street wondering.. It suddenly occurred to me why you picked that place in particular, where we first met.  I entered the cafe and automatically my eyes shifted to the very same spot.. I recalled how you left without notice back then.. oh how the years have passed !
As I approached the table, you stood up to hold back the chair for me.. a gentleman you’ve always been.

We sat in silence as Jason Marz’s ‘I won’t give up on you’ started playing.. I wore my beige loose blouse that you’ve always loved.. and you had your grey stripped chemise on.. I ordered my usual iced, light cappuccino and you your hot, dark coffee.. we were like a chocolate milk shake.. opposites attracting..
I saw the watch, the one I bought you long ago.. the watch with the golden arrows and classy brown leather wristband.. it was turning old now.. but it still found it’s place on your wrist..

“so how are you?” you asked.. I easily found words pouring out of me casually.. as if it has been only since yesterday that I didn’t see you.. and suddenly I stopped. I slowly pulled the tress of hair on my cheek to the back of my ear.. I fought the tears back.. I fathomed what it was all about.
I asked you: “say something, please?”
you replied: ” I have nothing to say”
I said: “It’s not words that I want, It’s your voice..”
I was never so daring and honest.. rare were the times when I spoke my heart out in words to you.. maybe because you always seemed to understand me without the need of words ..

I looked at you with soul searching eyes..

you finally spoke.. ” I’ve missed you.. I’ve missed you today, particularly today in the morning! I’ve missed having coffee with you.. or rather just holding my hot cup of coffee whilst you tell me about your day.. I’ve missed the lavender scent I’ve always caught while I seated you here.. how while you spoke of the last good book that you’ve read, you seemed to radiate.. I .. ”
I could see a teardrop finding its way to frolic on your cheek as you finished your sentence saying:

“I have missed you.. my Kryptonite ”


Roaa A. Nassar
Dec 28, 2014


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