It was past midnight. She was alone. With dark spots under the swollen eyes, a pale face, and an injured heart she stood.. facing what she thought might be the gate to freedom. She took a step forward towards what she now believes is NeverLand. She felt sick. She took one more step forward and took grip on the handrail in front of her. She held it tight and started climbing till she adjusted and balanced herself to sit on that very thin line of iron. She sat there staring at nothing exactly. A step towards freedom she thought. Only it was the wrong route to the Never Land she wanted. Not really knowing why, she slowly retreated .. step by step backward till she fell on the cold floor.

It was a silent night and the street downward was filled with moonlight.
Lying where she was, she heard a soft sound..
that was nothing more than the tears of a cloud,
touching the earth smoothly and sharing their light breeze softly.
The clicks of the drops and the whistle of the wind seemed to her like two angels whispering..
She listened humming silently..
She wished she was stronger and tougher, not as weak as the leaf that couldn’t handle the morning dew..

She thought of Amber Morley’s words; sometimes all she wanted was the days to pass so she could live in a house filled with her books and travel souvenirs. And the walls that aren’t covered in bookshelves will be covered with photos of her family and friends. And when she leaves the house, she will be going to a job she loves, and she’ll return to a person she loves.

She looked up and saw the only remaining sticky note hanging on the wall facing her; “When exactly we go from kids to people, she was not certain. It isn’t about turning a certain age or graduating from high school – it happens when we’re not paying attention. Without our knowledge or consent, childhood slips away into the night and our innocence escapes us and we wake up one morning to find that we have become who we are.”

A rush of cold air suddenly crept in, caressing her neck and pushing a couple of tufts of her hair to brush against her cheeks. Gracefully, she tucked them behind her ear, took a breath and turned..
Soon it was breaking dawn and slowly the sun rose..

Roaa A. Nassar
Oct 8, 2014


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