Der Prinzessin Tag


It was the 24th of August. Usually the weather at this time was not so pleasant but today was different. I made a cup of German Himbeere tea and sat at my favorite spot by the balcony. I could feel the cup too hot on my hands and the cool breeze moving my hair back and forth beside my cheeks. I sat starring at the sky just like every night. 24th was special. I grabbed a paper & pen and started..

” I entered the room where everyone stood waiting for the day to start. The room was dull and monstrous. The walls were dark and grey, the ceiling was extremely high and the floor was rough and hideous. It felt like it was a deserted place. There was a lot of people. People who stood holding papers, people who were chatting and others who stood starring at nothing. I scanned everyone for a couple of minutes. It was like I was searching for myself. I suddenly felt out of place. I kept looking and searching and looking again.. and then I saw her.. She was there at the very corner, standing gracefully with a calm smile. I approached slowly wondering why would a princess like her be there. A significant aura surrounded her.. one could sense the sweet smell of lavender meters away.. she looked at me and smiled. I smiled instantly. She was a joy-radiating creature. By now, I was there beside her.. and then we talked. And this was it..

Days passed, then months, then years.. And I could still sense the sweet smell of friendship every time she is around. She is a princess by all means. A princess of trust, loyalty and gracefulness.. she is beautiful inside-out. I found in her my very own self that I once stood searching for on my first day in this place. She defined respect and poise.. Just the thought of her would make anyone in her kingdom smile.. She always stood by her people’s side and gave kindness probably was more than she took.. Such an adorable princess she was and shall always remain..

It was the 24th of August when she blessed this world. And that’s why it shall always be a special day. So today, let us all wear our fancy dresses and suits and share with her the joy of such a day. Dear Princess, today we crown you and celebrate the day you blessed our world..

Long live the Princess.. ”

I stopped writing, folded the paper and sealed the letter. Then at the front, I signed it. I put it down and noticed my cup of tea at the table. It was too cold by now. I took a sip of it and smiled from my heart tearfully. Life has been too harsh on me lately if not always. And yet I truly smiled today for our princess.. No wonder she is a joy-radiating person!

—- This piece is dedicated to the one of a kind Nermin. Glückliche 21 Geburtstag zu Ihnen


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