In the memory of Her.


Faster than the fastest shutter speed, it hit me!
suddenly I felt ‘gravity’..
all I felt was the earth holding me in place

My eyes were wide open, no tears.
The news struck my heart
again no single tear yet, even no fears

I felt I was on the verge of losing grip on reality
I looked at all those around me consoling each other
I couldn’t bare it, so I started walking to what seemed to me like eternity..

I hastened into my room and stood to take my breath, scared to fall..
shutting the door, I shut all the sounds I could possible hear
I went up to were the photo frames were hung up on the wall..

I stood so close, so near
They’ve been there since forever..
I strongly fought a falling tear..
I never imagined one day she’d leave, never!

I felt my heart beat, it signaled misery and sorrow
only one thought conquered my mind :
“with you gone, how will there ever be a better tomorrow?”

It wasn’t what I saw that stopped me
It was what I didn’t see..
She now reached to where I pray to be
She now reached heaven.. She now reached home

And so my mind ends my “thought to be poem”
I put down the photographs off the wall..
because once and for all..
I shed the last tear.


In the memory of my beautiful grandma, MamaE’eya.


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