Egypt is a Beauty


Poem :

It was more than ISO, lighting, flash and shutter speed
It was beyond the “to-be-captured” scenes
It was excitement…eagerness indeed..
To find beauty and what it truly means

He stood on Allah’s blessed land..
with passion in his heart and camera in his hand
He stood there , the master of photography..
And took the shot that spoke “Egypt Is A Beauty”

He called it “Promising a change”..

A change to erase misery and remove sadness..
A change to plant prosperity and spread happiness
I saw the photo and knew what he meant..
When he left us the photo, said “ Egypt is beauty”, and went

There was another photo for a simple man
and another one for a woman with a cow
I wondered how all of them can..
simply have that smiley face, I wondered how ?

He took a photo for a vast, green land
It was a photo that’s not rare to find
but it casted a sense of tranquility over the mind
Every time I look at it, I take a deep breath and sigh
It’s good to see Egypt’s beauty is that high

What he did made those simple people happy and glad
He saw peace in their eyes, so true and pure
Their eyes told him “that to everything bad,…
by God’s will, we’ll always find a cure !”

He took photos for them and made them feel superior
that social classes don’t matter; so don’t feel inferior
for it’s love and inner beauty of the soul..
that shall always dominate appearances and count more

When it was time for him to leave
The humble people gave him the key..
to their happiness…It’s “Family”
It’s the way they live..
and the love they give..
It’s the way they care..
to spare a moment together, they wouldn’t dare !

Despite the fighting, insecurity and screaming,
despite the price, the misery and the bleeding,
despite the worst feeling,,,
Like those people, we will smile and not frown
because Allah will never let the right ones down

Like those working people, we’ll stand TALL
unlike Berlin’s ‘once upon a time’ tough wall,
we shall never fall…
we will withstand this coming political wave
till not the country but the whole world feels safe…
Egyptians will forever remain the best and the most brave !

He captured one last shot, turned, and walked away
They taught the photography master to LOVE EGYPT
and in his heart, that lesson shall forever stay..
I really hope everything be always fine.
I hope all lives be safe, theirs, yours and mine
Patience people ! your right will return one day
We love our country, and that’s the least we can say !

so dear world, how does that sound?
Egypt is my home place..
I say it in the world’s face..
I was born Egyptian but it’s my choice
I hereby raise my voice
and declare “I AM EGYPTIAN  !! …  I AM PROUD !!”

…Roaa Ahmed…


Theme :

” AM CALLING EVERYBODY to adjust his/her mind .. a Juxtaposition that would lead our country to a much better future. Having a Deep look at the picture: An adjustment is made to a closed mind that never pays attention. This Mind had never known anything about the rural poverty. Egypt has about 10.7 million poor people; isn’t this feel bad that mostly we don’t care ! The real theme behind “RESALA’11 Photographs” was to kill the indecisiveness and carelessness of the young youth who had been living in the AC ,no, having a moving muscle that would reflect positively on the EGYPTian REBUILDING. Come On! Pay attention … THESE PEOPLE ARE LIVING IN VERY HUMILIATING Places .. THEY NEED OUR HELP. Let’s Jump from our COMFORT PLACE. (:”

…Ahmed Hamdy…


Photos and theme by : Ahmed Hamdy

Poem written by : Roaa Ahmed

Poem &  theme written  5 / 8 / 2011


ادخلوا مصر إن شاء الله آمنين} سورة يوسف , صدق الله العظيم}

PicMonkey Collage
PicMonkey Collage2


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