The Hero


She wanted someone to take it from there.

She wanted someone to make her feel care free. To pull her out of depression whenever she was into it. To rescue her for she was on the edge of drowning. To offer her a hand when she’s attempting to ‘fly away once and for all’.

She wanted someone who would be stubborn and humorously fight with her in order to make her better. “Funny” . She wanted someone funny. Someone who’s capable of making her laugh till her stomach hurts, till she cries. Someone who’d force her to try to do things she’s never done; to have breakfast, to cook, to roll on floor laughing. Someone who’d make her busy with what she’s good at rather than leaving her to her negative thoughts.

She wanted someone who would tell her ” I trust you ” on the silliest things. Who would make “pinkie promises” with her because he thinks making “deals” is for thieves. Someone who’ll try to create weird nicknames for her. Someone who’ll have dinner with her or even just a glass of juice or an ice-cream. Who’ll take her out for lunch and buy her chocolate. Someone who would be noble and crazy at the same time.

She wanted someone who’d tell her bedtime stories even if she’s far away. Someone who’ll turn into a sorcerer to fight her nightmares. Who’ll wait to turn of the lights and check on her later. Who’ll stay up all night when she gets sick.
Someone who’d take her “under his wings”.

She wanted someone who, while telling her “knowing that some people are there for you will make you feel better”, is there for her.
Someone who wouldn’t disappoint her. Who’d be up to her expectations. Who’d be there for her.. who wouldn’t leave her alone simply because she’s so sad. Someone who’ll constantly remind her her “am beside you” and “am here for you”.

Someone who’d linger on her writings and boost her spirits up. Someone who’d share her what she loves and what she hates. Who’ll share her his secrets. Someone who’d follow his intuitions. Who’d be the reason behind the smile she carries around when he’s not there.

She wanted someone who thinks she’s rare and special. Someone who believes she’s the strongest, fine, gorgeous girl that one day will blossom and when she does she’ll surprise everyone. Someone who’ll be there to take her hand at the stance when she falls.

she wanted someone who’s capable of remaining an exception to her theory of “fascination’s failure by time”.

It wasn’t prince charming who she wanted as you might think after reading all of this.

It was the biological older brother she always wished to have.
But never had…


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