A tear falls down every time I remember..
the falling crystal rests on my heart..
I try to convince my mind not to surrender..
but you know nothing; it’s just so hard..

I leave the pen aside to wipe that tear away..
but it takes less than a second for another tear to land,
aches me, conquers my soul and seems to forever stay
I realize I’ve missed the way my family used to take me by my hand?
grab me and and hold me tight in their embrace
kiss my forehead and say ” come my dear to your comfort place ”
wrap me and whisper ” don’t cry in vain “…
breath me in and softly say ” this will only increment the pain ”
make me feel they’re by my side; feel not alone..
make me feel ‘home’ ..

why can’t they simply take me away so far
call out my name and pull me close
transfer light into me for they’re my shining star
make me forget how to talk; forget if it’s “is” or “was”
even forget who, why, when or where we are

I’ve always felt every falling tear..
feeling alone with no one literally near..
aching in silence for no one to hear..

years passed and passed.. year after year..

Is it that crystal clear?
for a second, it might seem..
nothing but a terribly bad dream..

But pulling me back to reality..
remains the sound of my silent scream..

So silence it is..

tonight I seal it with one last tear..
and hide inside all that I used to fear..
I leave where I once belonged, leaving all on my own..
the seraphic sense of a child no more shall be shown..
for I’ve already left home..
because everything has come crystal clear..

Farewell it is..


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