A disturbed heart in confusion


I hold my pen and close my mind
Am sorry but this time I won’t let the words rhyme
I’ll write yet I might not fully understand..
it’s complicated and perhaps not to be understood..
but if you did comprehend then kindly tell me
for I may not do so well as you did …

“it goes like this..” or we can say “it commenced when..”
when that species of despair..
that delights in self-torture..
casts an unbreakable spell
a flicker of fear is what I feel..
as midnight approaches..
and the metal clock strikes twelve
that innocent creature inside me..
struggles and screams for freedom
like a very beautiful rose..
that never bloomed in spring..
lost in translation in a hazy world
dwelling in confusion for so long
like a missing child..
searching for the feeling of home

at last it gave up..
to the will of my mind,
it hopelessly surrendered
and had nothing but to fake being alright!
and that is the tragic tale..
of my once-upon-a-time invincible heart .


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