When Poets Speak.. ! #2


Written By : Mohammed Alaa 

No my future won’t glide through…..
Certainly not with a flower standing in its way like you.
A flower that no matter how little or how bad the inspiration you give her
She grows her petals and sepals as beautiful as much as she can actually bare
To form that nectar that is her sticky poetry for reply…..
Hard to get rid of no matter how hard you try….
But if u ask me about its sweetness you should taste it, give it a cry, but believe me you wouldn’t ever be shy.
A maestro with his wand…..
Really, is nothing compared to a pen in your hand.

Your poetry is a fan……
that many desire to ban……
Because they know if it gets loose it’ll be a knife….
That if you use it against them wouldn’t spare a life.
I see in your words the eyes of queens just staring with grandness….
All I can do is ask for forgiveness….
For my previous comments were nothing compared to your masterpiece….
But you say you wrote with ease….
And you tell I am the king or even the prince….
While if it’s possible I see u even deserve those titles no offense.

The dearest senior to our angel’s heart…
I really now see in you that part.
Your words are that magical windmill…
That turns the words and winds into that current of love that will forever kill….
To express itself whenever someone wills to come nearby it….
Because this is the effect of your words not mine that barely can bit if anyway someone would feel the hit.

I owe you that rinsing feeling you gave to my mind…..
Because without it you wouldn’t have seen my words so kind….
To please a Poetry Queen that if she doesn’t like poor them…..
I think will just take away what she thinks is their acronym*.
If I stir the emotions like the waves of the ocean….
Then pardon me you are the moon that just brings up those tides to motion.

In a day not so long I met someone who taught me how precious are the words….
And how they are true friendship cords.
But today I tell that someone: words are not connecting bridges….
They are just those beats coming from our heart ridges and going into the reality world fridges…
Just to be understood, felt, kept safe, and well-preserved….
So please always be that someone who just taught me how the words should be tamed.

An autograph from me will just resign next to your trophy and certificate walls….
Just to look up them and say why did she get me if she scored all of these perfect goals…
And she became the honored poet for whom people’s calls are just echoing with her name in all halls.

Hope your majesty a bright future and a glorious reign….
With lights of the crowd and your poetry likers like rain….
Just swarming around you from each lane.


Written By : Roaa Ahmed

After so much time,
I started to realize that this is completely real
Poet, what were you thinking when you wrote this ?
giving me a heart stroke or making me faint ?
because that was near !
Allow me to apologize to you..
for how simple my words may seem
Though it is certainly so true,
I still feel I stepped upon an everlasting dream..

Here I stand, helpless..
in front of your masterpiece, speechless..
I no longer care if I owe you..
It makes me happy to be in debt to your poetry
How you were able to place meanings aesthetically remains a mystery
Among your lines, I felt like a real queen
for they showed me beauty and nobility
like I have never ever seen…
In your words, I see a King writing with royalty..
or was it his ( your ) natural loyalty?
My friends, poets and poetesses, please forgive me..
for his masterpiece became the best poem I have ever read in my whole life
You may call me now a queen, for you poetry became my throne
just like the queen bee has her graceful hive..

You asked me what’s my favorite part…
It’s the one that mentions the resident in my heart
the angel we all love,
(Mrs.Doaa El Kadi), to whom if I offer the universe
still, I believe, is not enough !
You said I am the dearest senior to her heart.
she said before that you are like her son..
and I see you no less than the dearest senior to ( inshaa’ Allah ) become..
You told me it’s a simple gift..
let me tell you it’s the best one..
and if I search for anything more beautiful, the result would be none.

I never told you that you were the first poet I have ever met..
and you won’t imagine the awe and respect I have felt..
Your name is placed among the great ones now..
beside Edgar Allen Poe and Robert Frost !
and if their names were gone by any means how..
know that yours won’t be lost.
If it was in my hand,
I would make your poetry the national anthem of our beloved land.

I am too shy to say thank you..
because “thank you” will never be enough
So here is a prayer, so light..
satisfy your Highness, I hope it might..
May the lord help you rise to glory..
One day you’ll make history, and everyone will be telling your story
May Allah keep away, from you, every malice..
and make you reside with His Messenger ( PBUH ) in paradise
I wish you eternal satisfaction..
and God’s long lasting protection..

At last, I lift my hat out of respect..
To the one and only,
Poet Mohammed Alaa !


The End


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