When Poets Speak..! #1


Written By : Mohammed Alaa

If I call myself a teacher to you
then you might better say I am mad and crazy too
If you think not you are the queen of poetry
then I might as well think I will win 1st place in a US lottery
They say you are like me you can put what’s in your heart in word streams
I say I’m not as good as you not even in my wildest dreams

Have mercy on your soul
Is something I can’t tolerate at all
You say I’m a poet
I’m nothing but someone who tries to put so many words just so tight
You are the one who we should praise of being one of us
because to you nothing would be enough not even an A plus
You showed us how to use words
and to you we’re nothing but non real boards…(u writing on your poetry)
so keep it up !
because you really made the hearts jump and say yup…”we really like this”


Written By : Roaa Ahmed 

How shall I start, I don’t know
If you have an answer for that, Please go ahead ! go !
If you say I’m the queen of poetry,
then what are you ?!!
Perhaps the prince or the most noble of kings
For beauty is what your poetry brings.
If I showed you how to use words
know that you showed me the real meaning of “devotion”
your poetry is like the waves of the oceans
that stir the feelings and emotions.

You are like a maestro, holding your wand
wavering letters to form words,
and give birth to the meanings you want.
such great thoughts exist in your mind
golden ones ; indeed one of a kind !
compared to nothing are the feelings your lines hold
such a great person you are, I’ve been told
who knows ?! maybe one day you will be
that great Poet who’ll sign an autograph for me
So may your future sweetly guide
budding flowers on every side.



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