“Rest In Peace” ?!


I wasn’t dead, yet “Rest In Peace”
was what was written..
I was still there, tenderly living
in the deepest part,
where I used to safely reside
in her seraphic heart.
I was dearly kept in her thoughts..
Our memories never faded from her mind
“Forever, you’ll remain” to me, she said.
People couldn’t convince her
that her friend is dead.
She went to where I lied..
holding white roses in her hand
suppressing her tears, she tried
how futile, she thought..
so on her cheeks, she let them land
She placed the roses beside my grave
and a beautiful smile on her peaceful face
She stayed for so long..
humming a melancholic song
but she finally became aware of time
so she turned and started walking away
leaving her heart with mine..
for now I am her guardian angel
who will protect it everyday
till she joins me..
up in the heavens, where we are meant to be
dwelling together…
in Forever..



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