Nostalgic for my precious pearl..


She is true friendship by itself..
She was nearly everything to me..
She was the one who could..
make me smile when I wanted to frown
Who could lift up my spirit when it goes down
Who made it soar in the sky
Oh! she made me feel I could fly
Whose hug can lessen my pain in every way
Whose laugh can make up my day
She was always there to hold me
in times of pain and strive..
She was a turning point in my life

.. She was a turning point in my life ..

She is one of a kind
One that’s rare to find
She has this special face
She is someone I can’t replace
Eventhough we may seem apart
I know she’ll always be in my heart
“You can do it! You are smart!”
she used to say..
holding my hand,
comforting me in every way
I long to live those memories again

She was the tender shoulder,
on which I used to softly cry..
She was a well to pour my troubles down
and raise my spirits high..
She was a hand to pull me up
from darkness and despair
when all the others,,
have helped put me there
She was an ally,,
who can’t be moved or bought
She was a voice to keep my name alive
when others have forgot..

but most of all She is a heart..
a strong and sturdy wall
For from her heart,
came the greatest care of all!
She is my precious pearl..

..yes world, She is my precious pearl ..

*this poem was dedicated to one of the best friends I had


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