When the sun kissed the sea

When the sun kissed the sea

When the sun kissed the sea,
and the wind’s arms hugged me
minute droplets of water splashed on my face
and I felt the sunset’s embrace.
A rush of memories invaded my mind
beautiful than this, I wouldn’t find.
great memories of many things,
imagining angel’s wings,
seeing the innocent smiles of a child,
sensing the temperate nature of life, so mild.
Believing in wisdom
and living the freedom,
I’ll never forget…

When the sun kissed the sea,
I let out the sad memories to flee.
Seeking noble expectations
and unable to resist temptations,
I took a step forward
and kept moving onward
until I touched the gentle sea…

When the sun kissed the sea,
I set my soul free
and for my spirit, I turned the key.
I could hear the echo of my thoughts
and the melody of my dreams.
I could see the sun closing her golden eyes
and the sea whispering his goodbyes.
I saw how this was just routine,
yet for me, a stunning, beautiful scene..



4 responses to “When the sun kissed the sea

  1. Roaa .. I swear whatever I said would never express what I feel towards those amazing words … I mean I adore the way you just arranged the words in your minds and easily wrote it on your paper .. Roaa you are Great ! nd the words really touched my heart :)

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