No place to go…!

She was still fourteen.. she was still young
and only four words.. were on her tongue
says them , then gives a cry
only four words.. that “she wished to die”
crashed into pieces , was her heart
her thoughts have no end, but again they start
deep in her thoughts , she would dive
forgetting that life
isn’t all about pain and strive
down her cheeks , descended waves of tears
and deep in her heart , were tons of unknown fears
she has been like that for two and a half years
that day she would regret
inspiring to die , is a feeling she didn’t forget
there in the core of her heart , she felt depressed
not only that , but also stressed
like a half-winged bird , she felt caged
into the pond of despair , she felt waged
she has no place to go !
trapped in this hideous place
she felt lost , she doesn’t know
it’s not so spacious space
By a look in her eyes
everyone could realize
how hard in this world , she lies
she cries ! but no body cares..
she screams ! but who dares..
she yields ! but who listens..
thinking this is the end
while it’s just a start
she has no friend
pessimistic is her heart

and life can bend…

thinking there is no way
wanting a sun’s ray
perhaps for the feeling of hope
but she freaks
“where to go ?”
she finally speaks !
she closes her eyes , as well as her bouche
along with her mind
And finally it ends!
now , she is fine
so quietly she died
after being so tired
but still she had NO PLACE TO GO……..!


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